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How To Start a Toro Lawn Mower?

How To Start a Toro Lawn Mower

How Do You Start a Toro Zero Turn Mower?

It may seem odd to ask how to start a mower; if you have an older mower, you pull a rev cord or turn a key, and if you have a newer mower, you press a button. Yes, this is technically how a mower is physically started. However, if you've invested in a high-quality mower, such as a Toro Zero Turn Mower, you should make it a habit to perform a few minor but essential maintenance tasks each time you use it in order to keep it in good condition. It's not the same for every mower, so we'll explain how to start a Toro lawn mower.

Across the Board Mower Inspections to Complete Before You Begin

First, ensure that it is on a flat surface.

Check the fuel level and refuel the vehicle if necessary. Ensure that the lid is securely secured (by turning it clockwise).

Now, regarding the oil, Use the clean dipstick attached to the oil tank lid to check the oil levels (this is extremely important; always have a paper towel available to wipe down the dipstick after use). Do not tighten the lid during this process. Refill the oil if necessary. Care must be taken not to overfill the tank (you must distribute carefully and judge by eye).

If you have spilled excess petroleum or oil, use a paper towel to wipe it dry.

How do I turn on a Toro Zero Turn lawn mower?

When seated in the driver's seat, pull the lap rails away from your body. You must remain seated in order for the disengaged interlock system to function effectively. Place the key in the ignition with the lap bars still extended, and deactivate the mowing deck by turning off the PTO.

Pull the throttle lever toward the engine to warm it up. (This is to be done when you start the mower, not throughout the mow as you stop and start.) To start the engine, turn the key and rev the engine with the throttle halfway open for approximately 30 seconds.

Start mowing! 

How Do I Start a 22-inch Toro Recycler Lawnmower?

On the Toro 22" lawnmower, there is no primer button; therefore, you must gently squeeze the mower blade control bar (front side of the handle) and mower handle. Throughout use, you'll need to grasp this with one hand.

Pull the mower's starter handle until you sense resistance, then let it go and allow it to return to its original position.

Perform system tests while mowing to ensure that the blades are functioning properly and the steering feels normal. If not, a maintenance check may be necessary.

How Much Oil Should I Add to My Toro Mower?

The recommended oil for Toro walk mowers is SAE 30W detergent oil with an API service classification of SF, SG, SH, SJ, or SL or higher. For a more efficient oil change, operate the engine for a few minutes to warm the oil, and then drain it.


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