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Best Sprinkler For Large Yard

Best Sprinkler For Large Yard

Green lawns necessitate healthy soil, sunlight, and water, especially during the hot summer months. A dependable irrigation system, such as hosepipes, sprinkler heads, or portable lawn sprinklers, can aid in the maintenance of these necessities. Based on 30 years of expertise in producing and maintaining healthier lawns, this article focuses on the best sprinklers for large lawns and gardens. This contributes to a healthy, lush lawn in your garden.

Best Sprinkler For Large Yard

Eden Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

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Maintaining a lawn or garden can be difficult, particularly when water pressure is low. You can still have a beautiful landscape by using the proper sprinkler for low water pressure. Sprinklers for low-pressure irrigation systems come in a variety of styles, including normal, impact, and rotating sprinklers. Each variety is appropriate for various pressure levels and irrigation systems.

Consider your budget, the area to be watered, and the convenience of installation when selecting a sprinkler. Additionally, sufficient water pressure is required for the system to function correctly. For any lawn's soil type or water requirements, there is an appropriate water sprinkler system.

Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler On Wheeled Base

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The Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler is a multifunctional watering system that creates a lush, evergreen landscape as well as a beautiful lawn appearance. Its movable base facilitates transportation and installation, making it appropriate for a variety of gardens. The clog-resistant impact head, composed of brass and stainless steel, ensures continuous water flow.

The tough materials can survive harsh weather and strong water pressure. The deflector shield and backsplash spray arm enable for simple spray area customization, including coverage and spray pattern variations. With various connections, the diffuser screw adjusts water pressure and allows for the development of the sprinkling area.

Orbit Self-Propelled Traveling Sprinkler

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The self-propelled sprinkler from Orbit is built to last and has a cast iron body for increased traction. It has spiked wheels and speed gears for easy maneuverability. The cast iron construction makes the machine heavier, resulting in improved traction and less stalling.

The long-lasting gears aid in controlling water consumption and speed. The sprinkler also has a rotational spray for consistent water coverage, adjustable lengths of 15 to 55 feet, and a 13,500 square foot capacity. This adaptable alternative is great for individuals in search of a dependable and effective lawn sprinkler.

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Area Covered Per Sprinkler Head

If you know how much ground each sprinkler can cover, you may calculate how many sprinklers you'll need to water your garden or grass adequately.

A sprinkler with a spray area of 3,500 square feet, for instance, will water a sizable portion of land. However, you should consider the possibility that this is not what you require.

Consider a strip of lawn that is incredibly narrow but very lengthy. A smaller, portable sprinkler, or even just two or three individual sprinklers, would be more effective here.

Sprinkler coverage per sprinkler head is described in the product specifications documentation. Use the length and breadth measurements for oscillating sprinklers, or the diameter for circular sprinklers, to do the math on your own.

To make this article more convenient for you, I will list the sprinklers' coverage areas.

Adjustable Spray Pattern

The form taken by the water as it exits the sprinkler nozzle is known as the spray pattern. Both powerful jets and gentler rainfall patterns are available to meet your watering needs in the garden.

You can get a lot of use out of one sprinkler by choosing from among several different spray patterns.

For instance, the Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler on a Wheeled Base is a circular sprinkler that can water an arc between 1 and 360 degrees in diameter.

Placed along the lawn's edge, where the spray may be directed in only one direction rather than all around, this can significantly reduce water use. Also, with all the water pressure concentrated in one direction, the ground may be saturate more rapidly.

Permanent Installation Or Mobile

You should determine early on whether you want to use underground sprinklers that can't be moved or an above-ground system that can be moved to wherever water is needed. Putting in a system of permanent sprinklers can be expensive because you'll need multiple heads to adequately water your lawn.

In-ground automatic sprinklers, like Rain Bird's, may water your landscape without any effort on your part.

However, a portable sprinkler can be used to irrigate an entire yard or garden. Watering your garden or lawn with one requires you to make a temporary connection to the hose. That is to say, each time you need to water the lawn, you must do so actively.

Which option best suits your needs is available above.

Don't wet your walkways unnecessarily

Make sure your sprinklers are positioned so that the entire lawn is soaked. It is not necessary to water your driveway or sidewalk. Don't think for a second that you want to significantly increase your monthly water cost, do you?

Length Of Your Hose

Most rectangular lawns are quite sizable, therefore you might need a hose with a good length to water the whole grass effectively. If you want to protect your sprinkler system from harm, use a long hose and keep it out of the way of foot traffic. For tractor sprinklers, the standard recommendation is a 5/8" hose. However, 1/2-inch sprinklers can also be used.


Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck when shopping. You should check out as many stores as you can to learn about price variations and make an informed decision.

You can learn more about the market as a whole this way. Establish a budget that makes sense given what you know.


There is a lot of brand loyalty in the market for huge lawn sprinklers. As a result, people tend to stick with the brand they've had the longest. Consistency in quality is ensured by well-known manufacturers.

If this weren't the case, then the general public likely wouldn't have bought things from well-known companies. The characteristics of various brands vary. Pick a label whose characteristics you find most appealing.

The aesthetic qualities of various brands vary. People's product preferences will inevitably shift as a result of this.

Customer Consensus

If you're new to using a sprinkler for a big lawn, it's a good idea to get some input from others who already have one. With their hands-on experience, they can teach you everything you need to know. It is possible to glean information from consumers that is not available in traditional media outlets; this information may be positive or negative depending on the circumstances.

When trying to pick which kind of sprinkler for a large lawn is best, user evaluations often prove to be crucial. A purchase decision may ultimately rest with them.


How long should I water my grass with a sprinkler?

An inch of water every week, applied in at least three separate 30-minute sessions, is what you use to keep your grass healthy.

What is the most efficient way to water a lawn?

I'm curious how you're maintaining a green grass if you're not using a sprinkler system. I'll be honest, a sprinkler system is the most time and effort-saving method of watering a lawn.

What kind of sprinkler will cover large areas of my lawn?

It is possible to water a vast grass with a series of interconnected sprinklers. If you're in the market for a sprinkler, pick one that works with a flow-through design. A sprinkler that vibrates or rocks back and forth would be ideal.


There is only so much we can advise you about finding the ideal sprinkler for a big yard. The recommendations we have provided should help you choose the best solution for your needs.

I hope you enjoy your new acquisition very much!