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Best Sprinkler For Small Rectangular Lawn

Best Sprinkler For Small Rectangular Lawn

Have you ever pondered how tedious lawn watering was for gardeners and large estate owners before sprinklers? Must have been a lot of work—the project required several hands. All that has changed, and this post will show you the best little rectangular lawn sprinkler.

Small lawns benefit most from the Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler. It is inexpensive, easy to install, contains 20 spray nozzles, and covers well.

Best Sprinkler For A Small Rectangular Lawn: Reviews

1. Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

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Features: 4200 sq. ft coverage, low cost, width & range control, spray nozzles, strong build quality

The Melnor XT oscillating sprinkler is an excellent choice for tiny lawns. It has a watering capacity of 4,200 sq. ft., which is unusual for a low-cost sprinkler. The oscillating sprinkler has been a popular seller for Melnor, the company behind it. It has a number of features that its competitors do not have.

A width control, a range control, and a flow control mechanism are among the features. They assist in adjusting the sprinkler so that it reaches all regions of your lawn and keeps it moist and moisturized. Melnor's TwinTouch controls are located on the sprinkler and allow you to adjust the flow, range, and width of the device. Melnor additionally outfitted this sprinkler with 20 spray nozzles.

As long as the pressure is constant, the nozzles may deliver water to your lawn. Easily regulate the water pressure using the pressure valves or the yellow clips in the sprinkler's center. We especially like the Zoon Control option for watering newly sown lawns.

So, if you're seeking the ideal sprinkler for your recently seeded lawn, consider the Melnor XT oscillating sprinkler.

2. GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler

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Features: 360 degrees rotation, weighted base, 2-arm metal sprinkler, and heavy-duty impulse sprinkler combo, up to 40 ft. reach.

Raise your hand if you've ever used two stones to kill a bird. Takes a look around... No one! You'll be able to kill two birds with one stone with the Green Mount Lawn Sprinkler. "Affordability" and "functionality" are the two birds in this situation. It's unusual to come across a low-cost sprinkler with remarkable features.

The auto-rotation feature on the Green Mount lawn sprinkler allows it to rotate 360 degrees. This guarantees that all parts of your lawn within the unit's reach are adequately watered. It has a sturdy foundation, which adds weight to the machine. The base differs slightly from that of a Gardena sprinkler we viewed during our assessment.

This low-cost sprinkler was outfitted by Green Mount with one 2-arm metal sprinkler and one heavy-duty impulse sprinkler. The two sprinklers can give consistent streams of water for up to 24 and 40 feet, respectively. This leaves your lawn appearing lush and green in all shades. It also makes your neighbors wonder what magical lawn lotion you're using! Unfortunately, it is not ideal for watering a recently sown lawn.

3. Orbit 56667N Impact Sprinkler

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Features: tripod-based sprinkler with adjustable height, 360 degrees rotation, 3600 sq. ft coverage area, plastic parts.

The Orbit 56667N impact sprinkler is a tripod sprinkler. The sprinkler has a tripod base with a 16-37-inch height adjustment for free.

For watering plants and flowers that are high off the ground, tripod-based sprinklers are ideal. Just make sure the tripod is taller than the plant. Expandable tripod legs So you can irrigate a large lawn at once. Despite working with somewhat low pressure, the sprinkler needs significant water pressure.

This impact sprinkler from Orbit comes in various volumes for huge lawns. It sprays 80 feet and adjusts from 0 to 360 degrees. You can limit sprinkler spraying to 10 feet. Turn the sprinkler head screw adjustment with a screw and check until you reach that distance.

The sprinkler has brass fittings and a plastic cover. Plastic pieces make it breakable. The plastic isn't hard like water bottles.

 4. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

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Features: 180 degrees and 360 degrees rotation, tough materials, works with low water pressure, great impact spray, strong build quality.

We're finishing with the rainbird sprinkler. One of the best-selling brass impact sprinklers, it makes the typical sound. Bronze and stainless steel are superior to zinc and plastic. A rain bird sprinkler revolves 360 degrees. However, it can form a distorted circle.

Put the little wire lever on the rear upright to make a full circle with this sprinkler. Three sprinkler models are available from Rain Bird.

  • 20-40' spray range
  • 23-50' spray range
  • Hose end on a huge spike for 20–40' spray distance.

Given its spray nozzle, the sprinkler will use a lot of water. The setup and operation of this sprinkler are simple. Rainbird sprinklers work well with low pressure.

Buying Guide: How to Pick a Suitable Sprinkler for Your Small Lawn

When choosing a lawn sprinkler, several things are considered. These characteristics are particularly essential with a tiny lawn. Find out what they are.

Size of Your Lawn

The right sprinkler depends on your lawn's size. Sprinklers have coverage ratings. A 4200-square-foot covering area is sufficient for small lawns.
Models cover roughly 1600 sq. ft. Two will do if it's smaller than your grass. Check the water hose connection.

In addition to grass size, determine whether to water in a specified region or everywhere. Several sections have flower gardens and hedges.

Shape of Your Lawn

Many of us ignore lawn shape. Remember that lawn size and form are vary. A lawn might be tiny or huge and circular.

Little rectangular/square shapes are possible. The shape of your grass can help you choose a sprinkler.

Obstructing Structures

Are there any constructions that could obstruct your sprinkler's operation? If this is the case, you must address it. To spread water in such regions, we recommend utilizing a small perforated hose.

Type Of Sprinkler

There are various sorts of sprinklers, each striving to keep your plants looking clean and fresh. They are as follows:
  • Sprinklers that travel. This type of sprinkler travels along a predetermined path - on a moving cable. They water your grass as they make their way from one end to the other. These are often excellent for watering large lawns and gardens.
  • Sprinklers should be sprayed. Spray sprinklers are best suited for medium-sized lawns with flat or sandy surfaces. They are built with many water spraying nodes.
  • Sprinklers that rotate. Rotor sprinklers create continuous water streams with either single or double rotating sprays. They are ideal for vast lawns, particularly those found in parks.
  • Sprinklers that drip. They drip water and are mainly utilized in areas where the water needs to be directed to a specific region, such as a flower bed.
  • Sprinklers that are fixed or standing. Standing sprinklers are those that are mounted on tripod-like bases. The tripod includes a connecting pipe via which the sprinkler's hose is connected. It is mostly used to cover wide areas and can be quickly moved if the length of the hose allows.
  • Sprinklers that oscillate. Oscillating sprinklers deliver water through a single jet nozzle and are ideal for small and medium-sized lawns. The spray pattern is simply adjustable.
  • Sprinklers with a high impact. Impact sprinklers are classified as spray sprinklers, however we prefer to think of them as different sprinkler types. To move sprinkler arms and reach astonishing distances, an impact sprinkler requires strong water pressure. It is simple to adjust an impact sprinkler. Impact sprinklers are often appropriate for both small and big lawns and gardens.

Sprinkler Material

Which would you prefer, plastic or metal? Is that the metal one? Metal sprinklers survive longer but are a little heavier than their plastic versions. Metal should also be used where the hose attaches to the sprinkler.

Plastic sprinklers, on the other hand, are easily damaged and worn. As a result, we recommend that you go with metal ones.

Rate of GPH (gallon per hour)

Knowing how much water your sprinkler will consume in an hour might help you estimate your water requirements. This will allow you to keep track of your water bill spending. If you want treated water, you must guarantee that the hose leading to the sprinkler has a high GPH. The sweet spot for most sprinklers is between 300 and 400 GPH.

Needle Nozzle

A nozzle needle should be included with your sprinkler. A nozzle needle is required to remove obstructions from sprinkler nodes. Is there any benefit to using the sprinkler? Is it possible to switch off the sprinkler from a distance? Is there an off/on switch someplace, or will you need a raincoat to turn it off? Is there a rain sensor? How simple will it be to alter the sprinkler so that it reaches other areas? These are some of the questions that your sprinkler should be able to answer.


Your sprinkler should be well-anchored to the ground so that it does not rip over. A sturdy metal base is essential for tripods and solo sprinklers. The metal base will help it stay steady on the ground while in use.


Some sprinklers include their own timers. If yours does not come with a timer, attempt to get a sprinkler timer as soon as possible so that you can control your water flow. You certainly don't want your water costs to rise, do you?

Final Words

Choosing a nice sprinkler for your little lawn isn't as difficult as you may believe. Purchase the best sprinklers to give your lawn the shine it deserves. Also, don't forget to properly cut your lawn.