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What is Bentgrass?

Bent Grass
Bentgrass is a Cool Season lawn type that is broadly known as getting one of essentially the most beautiful lawns of each of the lawn varieties. It features a lovely deep wealthy green colour, a fine leaf and types a dense lush mat of carpet like sod. Created in Europe, Bentgrass was among the very first grasses to become cultivated for use as a lawn, nevertheless it really is NOT the most suitable grass for use as a home lawn - a lot more about this later.

Bentgrass includes a very shallow root system, these roots grow laterally underneath the soil inside a quite dense mat. The root system is fine for the cooler regions where this grass belongs, however it will not tolerate hotter weather at all, because the heat will swiftly dry out the topsoil in the turf, and dry out the lawn roots as a result.

As a Cool Season lawn, Bentgrass prefers the cooler weather regions of the country, and loves moisture - requiring typical watering.

As an uncommon trait for cool season grasses, Creeping Bentgrass has above ground runners known as stolons that are most commonly associated only with warm season grasses like Couch grass and Buffalo grass. These runners allow the grass to repair itself following damage or wear and tear, and permit the grass to spread to new regions. Sadly, this also means that Creeping Bentgrass can grow into surrounding garden beds as well.

Types Of Bentgrass

There are three main cultivars of Bentgrass which are used as lawns.

Creeping Bent will be the most popular in the Bentgrass varieties, it has long thin leaves which makes it possible for the grass to be cut higher than other Bent types, and has the greatest repair capabilities.

Typical Bent has a extremely fine leaf and forms a really thick sod of turf, is easy to grow, but takes some time to establish from seed.

Velvet Bent has the finest leaf of all Bentgrasses and can be cut the shortest, it is name derives in the velvety sheen the leaf produces.

Bentgrass On Golf Courses

All the wonderful traits of Bentgrass make it a perfect candidate for use on golf course greens, where it really is used most extensively. Golf Courses are also the only real appropriate location to grow Bentgrass as a lawn due to the fact this type of grass requires the careful lawn care management that only a professional lawn greens keeper can supply, and which solutions are often available at golf clubs.

Mowing Bentgrass

Yet another fantastic advantage of Bentgrass is it is ability to be mowed and kept at a very low height. In fact, Bentgrass prefers to become cut at extremely low heights, and will not look great if kept at heights of 4-6 cm which other cool season grasses choose their leaf length to become. Bentgrass may also demand quite standard lawn mowing throughout the growing season, together with the reward provided for the lawn owner in possessing a lovely dense green lawn as a result.

Deciding on Bentgrass As A Home Lawn

Regardless of this superb assessment, Bentgrass is hardly ever used as a home lawn, and there's very excellent cause for this. Bentgrass wants to become intensively managed in order that it can thrive to it really is complete possible.

It is water and nutrient specifications need cautious monitoring and adjustment, and these conditions just are not appropriate where the grass will be used as a home lawn. Most homeowners simply do not possess the capability needed to manage this turf, nor the time or inclination to do so either. Bentgrass basically is just not an easy-care, not set and forget lawn, and can not tolerate becoming neglected for any length of time.

It is for these reasons that Bentgrass ought to not be the initial grass option for homeowners, especially when you can find so many other lawn types available today for the homeowner to choose from.