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What Is the best Mowing Height for Grass in your Yard?

Many homeowners mistakenly think that the shorter they cut their lawn, the much less typically they will need to mow. Although this may possibly sound right, improper mowing can damage your grass and increase the growth of unwanted weeds-both of which can be costly to repair. To keep a beautiful lawn, it’s critical that you simply don’t cut your grass too tall or as well quick. The correct height for the grass within your yard is determined by the type of grass you have, the season and the growing conditions. See also Lawn Mowing Patterns: How To Cut Grass Like A Pro

Type of Grass

It is crucial to know that not all types of grass are alike, nor do they need the same care. St. Augustine is amongst the most popular types of grass in Texas because it demands little upkeep. Additionally, it is one of the longest grass varieties and should be kept between two? to 4? high.

Buffalo grass is yet another common type of grass since it can tolerate drought conditions much better than other varieties. The proper mowing height for buffalo grass is 2? to 3? high.

Bermuda and zoysia are extra types of grass grown all through Texas. The proper grass height for both of these varieties is ½” to 1½” high.

grass cutting height chart

Grass Type Mowing Height
Bahia grass 2” – 3”
Bentgrass ¼” – ¾”
Bermuda ½” – 1½”
Buffalograss 2” – 3”
Centipede 1½” – 2½”
Fine fescue 1½” – 2½”
Kentucky Bluegrass 1½” – 2½”
Ryegrass 1½” – 2½”
St. Augustine 2” – 4”
Tall fescue 2” – 3”
Zoysia ½” – 1½”

Different Heights for Distinct Seasons

You need to also consider what season it is when mowing your grass. During the summer months when the temperatures are higher, your grass is more susceptible to heat and drought damage. During these warmer months, you should keep your grass height slightly higher to supply protection for the grass roots and to keep moisture much more efficiently.

Through the fall and winter months, heat damage just isn't a problem. For that reason, you can adjust your mower height a little lower during these cooler months to keep the grass good and quick. Adjusting your mower as necessary will help to keep your lawn hunting wonderful all year long.

Growing Conditions

Lastly, the growing conditions of your lawn also play a function in how high you should keep your grass. If your yard has a large amount of shade, you can keep the grass ½’ to 1? higher. This can allow your grass to absorb far more in the sun’s rays. If you mow shaded regions also low, it could damage your grass and result in it to turn brown.

Adjusting your lawn mower to meet the specific needs of your lawn will help keep your grass healthy and hunting great. See also Ryobi lawn mowers