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How To Choose A Petrol Powered Mower

Choosing A Petrol Powered Mower
There is a large variety of petrol run mowers available. Understanding which is best suited to your requirements is not usually easy. Prices range extensively from approximately $300 to $900 for a domestic mower and well in excess of $1,000 for a a lot more heavy duty industrial petrol mower.

2 Stroke vs four Stroke

Most contemporary petrol mowers have 4 stroke engines. This indicates you can use common unleaded fuel in the fuel tank, but they have a different oil tank which needs to be topped up and changed sometimes, related to a car engine. four stroke engines have a tendency to be quieter and a lot more fuel efficient than two stroke engines, and as there is no mixing of the oil and fuel, can be less difficult to work.

two stroke engines do have one particular considerable advantage more than the four stroke - they can be turned upside down and continue functioning. For this explanation most whipper snipper and chainsaws have 2 stroke engines. If your lawn is particularly steep you will need to have to use a two stroke mower. four stroke mowers do not deal with the tipping on a steep slope and the engine can be ruined.

Body Construction

The chassis of a mower will just take a lot of knocks and demands to be very durable, specifically for uneven lawns. A strong metal body can be heavy to push but will manage the knocks. In general the lighter the weight of the machine the less knocks it will handle. The exception is the aluminium chassis. An aluminium body will cost a lot more, be lighter in weight but will also not rust in which it will get knocked by stones.

Look at the wheels to ensure they are durable ample to cope with the area you will be mowing. Some of the more affordable types have small wheels which will not cope with uneven terrain.


The engine capacity is typically represented as “cc”. This evaluate of the volume of an engine can be used as a guide to the power output of the engine. Lawnmowers range from a hundred twenty five cc by way of to one hundred ninety cc engines. A increased capacity engine will be preferable for tough or large lawns. Even though contemplating the engine of the mower, check where the valves are for modifying the oil, and cleaning the air filter. They need to be easy to entry. Immediate overhead valves on some of the Briggs and Stratton engines give the cleanest operation with significantly less fumes and significantly less vibrations which will enhance the engine life. Honda engines found in some of the Victa mowers are among the most dependable mower engines available. Be aware that all engines need to have to be maintained to make sure reliable procedure.

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Cutting Width

Some of the more pricey designs have broader blades and a wider chopping path. This might not seem overly important but if you have a large area to mow it can make a big difference to how many turns it takes to cover the entire area. Although standard mowers have a chopping width of 18 -20 inches, some these kinds of as the Toro Timemaster, are as broad as thirty inches. Be sure to check out the width of your lose if tempted by a broader slicing route, to make positive that the broader mower will easily suit via the door. See also What Is the best Mowing Height for Grass in your Yard?


Many more recent versions are “self-propelled'. This suggests the wheels are pushed, a tad like a car which the operator can use a good deal much less hard work in pushing, but still requirements to steer the mower. This can take a good deal on the heavy work away from mowing. Most self-propelled mowers are 2 wheel drive. four wheel drive options are available for uneven lawns. Check when the drive operates the front or rear wheels. Front wheel drive can lose traction likely uphill, but may give greater manoeuvrability. Also check the method of running the drive system, because they can vary and make sure it's comfy so that you can keep and function although you might be pushing the mower.

Starting Options

To be able to start off a petrol mower, they need to be primed, adjust the choke and after that pull difficult and quickly around the twine. That is normally quite easy on a new mower but since they age along with the twine mechanism will get worn, it may get harder to start out. This can be a feature that can often wear out quicker with a more affordable mower than with a dearer and better quality mower. Some new designs hold the cord around the manage on the mower to save the bending and pulling. This can be quite powerful for anybody with back problems, but not so great for anybody that's a little brief because they could not get the entire reach essential to begin the mower. A couple on the Victa models now have essential start off which is ideal for many who wish to stay away from pulling the twine.

Mulch or Capture

Many mowers now hold the option to mulch the grass clippings instead of collect them in the catcher. The grass clippings are pressured back via the blades and cut ultra-fine and compelled back in to the grass. That is a fantastic feature for lawns that are mown often and therefore do not produce huge quantities of clippings, since it allows the clippings to compost and feed the lawn, and saves work in emptying the catcher. These mowers do hold the choice to use a catcher when wanted which may be required if you will find weeds seeding in the lawn or perhaps the lawn has become allowed to get a little for a longer time and there are too many clippings for self-mulching. A self-mulching mower is not going to depart obvious clumps of clippings on the lawn. A number of the more pricey self-mulching mowers even have a side chute for small branches, successfully enabling them to function like a small mulcher as well.

The heavy duty types with all the extra features will cost far more but for large or hard lawns is going to be worth the extra investment decision. As being a general rule of thumb, the harder the mower has to work, the better quality you will need and the more it will cost. There's massive variation in the range of mowers with regards to price, weight, capacity and features. Be sure you consider the mowers out by pushing them around inside the hardware store (when they won't permit you take them exterior), as ensuring the mower is comfy that you should run is also a really essential thought.