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Ryobi RLM4617SME Subaru Lawn Mower Review

If you’re looking for a high quality petrol lawn mower to help keep your garden in supply, the Ryobi RLM4617SME lawn mower is one of the best alternatives. This device packs a whole host of additional features, in addition to a strong Subaru engine, that will help make any garden that much more manageable. Let’s take a closer look at how the Ryobi Lawn Mower performs.

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Ryobi RLM4617SME Subaru Powered Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Ryobi RLM4617SME

Main Features

When it comes to design operate, a great deal of work has gone into creating this device operate as smoothly as you possibly can. Many features are required, although many are highly useful possibilities that merely transform the encounter.

  • With a 175cc engine, you in no way ought to worry about power. What ever the challenge, this lawn mower includes a potent sufficient motor to push by way of.
  • The 46cm cutting width is drastically appreciated. In the event you have a massive lawn, this allows you to reduce down the grass with a minimal amount of movement.
  • This really is also supported by 7 various cutting heights. These range from 19 to 76mm, enabling you to finely tune and control the completed lawn.
  • Similarly, having a 55 litre storage box, you'll be able to go for vast distances before you have to empty the tank. This really is valuable for huge gardens, as not possessing the quit so regularly is really a big time saver.
  • This storage compartment is supported by a 4-in-1 feature. You are able to select to collect the cuttings, eject them through the rear, eject them via the sides or use a plug-in to make mulch. The final option is particularly handy for gardeners that prefer to compost or recycle their leftovers.
  • With regards to storage, this mower is just not as big because it very first appears, with a size of 89.four x 56.four x 51.4cm. This really is supported by a collapsible deal with, which helps maintain a smaller sized profile when not in use.
  • As a final added touch, there’s a drink holder near the manage. If you are cutting down a large garden, this is a little addition that really tends to make the entire encounter considerably more comfy.

These features far more than justify the mid-range price tag attached to this motor. Regardless of whether its the huge tank or the adjustable settings, there’s far more than enough right here to please most gardeners, but how does the mower feel when in use?

Making use of The Lawn Mower

Straight away, the 175cc motor quickly provides this device a sense of power. It cuts smoothly more than the terrain, no matter what cutting setting you've got it on, creating for any stress-free answer. Yet all of the extra features attached to this device prove useful throughout the job. The numerous settings permit greater control, although the big blade and bag merely imply no process is ever also long.

Perhaps more importantly, the 4-in-1 mode enables you to adopt the mower to suit your own demands and gardening style. In case you don’t care about collecting cuttings, you'll be able to leave them proper on the lawn, picking from a side-eject and rear-eject to suit your preference (most of the time, the side-eject ensures the cuttings aren’t obtaining on your clothes or feet).

Nonetheless, you'll be able to nonetheless use the tub to gather the cuttings should you want - after all, grass clippings make outstanding compost. Likewise, the ability to begin producing mulch with reasonably little work is a great feature. If you are collecting 55 litres worth of organic scraps, you are going to be generating a beneficial amount of mulch.

Combine this with strong wheels, ergonomic handles along with a compact design, and you have a mower that provides a lot of top quality and efficiency in the identical time.


For this price range, you may struggle to find a a lot more worthwhile lawnmower. Everything has been designed to guarantee no area of the lawn is ignored, and the device makes excellent use of the strong motor in the core of its design. In case you care about your garden, this mower gives a single method to make certain it stays in excellent condition.