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How Much Does It Cost To Dethatch Your Lawn?

cost to dethatch a lawn
Lawn dethatching is removing the build-up thatch from your lawn in order that water, sun, fertilizer and seed can much better attain the soil to nurture your lawn. Dethatching aids your lawn to develop thick and stunning. Typical solutions that could be completed in the exact same time as dethatching consist of fertilization and overseeding. So, how much average cost to detach your lawn?

Cost To Dethach Lawn

The cost of lawn dethatching is largely primarily based around the quantity of labor it requires to finish the task. Common lawn dethatching service use a three person crew. One person runs the dethatching machine, a single rakes and clears the thatch debris. The last crew empties debris within the dump, loads seeds for overseeding and supplies the other two crew members assistance. We've got discovered this is one of the most efficient and reasonably priced crew for lawn dethatching. See also article about homemade liquid dethatcher

This implies crew prices for lawn dethatching are $175 per hour.

Cost of Lawn Seeding or Overseeding

Lawn seeding or overseeding are typically coupled with dethatching, because the seeds can simply attain the soil proper right after dethatching. We take it 1 step additional and slit seed your lawn right after dethatching. This embeds the seeds as significantly as you possibly can to acquire the very best sprout price. Slit seeding is cost powerful to perform whilst dethatching due to the fact our mixture dethatching/overseeding machine can do each jobs nearly simultaneously lowering labor charges.

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