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Basic Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

It is lawn mowing season, as well as your mower performs difficult to preserve your grass ship-shape. It is effortless to take this each day workhorse for granted till something goes incorrect, then a widespread chore turns into a huge headache. Hold your lawn mower healthful and operating smoothly with these springtime maintenance steps!
lawn mower maintenance

Essentially the most common mowers are gasoline-powered, and their tiny internal combustion engines want exactly the same standard of care because of the bigger one that powers your vehicle. The initial 3 mower maintenance methods it is possible to take each spring will assist preserve your mower’s engine operating powerful:

1. Check the Spark Plug

An excellent spark plug is required for the lawn mower to run appropriately. A dirty spark plug, or a single that is certainly coming loose, will result in your mower to run choppy, be hard to commence, waste fuel, and “chew” your grass as opposed to reduce it smoothly. A burned-out spark plug implies that your mower won’t start at all.

Each spring, pull off your mower’s spark plug wire and remove the spark plug using a spark plug wrench or deep socket wrench. In case you see dirt or indicators of corrosion, spray the plug with brake cleaner, let it sit for any handful of minutes, and gently brush it clean having a wire brush. Following you have removed the dirt, buff the plug having a soft cloth. Place the clean, dry plug back in spot and hand-tighten it, and place the wire back in location.

In case your mower won’t start at all or continues to run poorly soon after you clean the spark plug, the plug could be negative. Replace the plug, checking your owner’s manual initial to become confident you purchase the proper plug for the mower. Simply because spark plugs are fairly economical, some individuals decide to basically replace their plugs yearly to save time and work.

2. Change the Oil

Mowers require oil adjustments just like vehicles, and spring may be the ideal time for you to take this step. To help keep your mower’s engine protected, alter the oil at the very least after a year or right after each and every 50 hours of use.

Verify your owner’s manual to produce positive you get the correct form of oil for the mower. Disconnect your mower’s spark plug so it cannot accidentally commence. Drain your mower’s oil into an authorized container, replace the oil filter in case your mower has a single, and refill with new oil. In no way over-fill; this could harm your mower. Final, reconnect the spark plug wire.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Your mower’s air filter can turn out to be dirty and clogged, and this may place further strain around the engine and maintain it from operating effectively. Modify your lawn mower’s air filter each spring to assist it “breathe” straightforward.

Initial, disconnect the spark plug wire. Remove the filter cover, clean the foam pre-filter, and replace the paper air filter. Replace the filter cover. Lastly, reconnect the spark plug wire.

Now look after the “business end” of one's mower using the final two methods on our spring maintenance checklist:

4. Sharpen the Blade

Needless to say, your mower cannot reduce your lawn effectively with no sharp blade. Remove the spark plug wire for safety, then use a wrench to remove the blade. Several hardware retailers will sharpen lawn mower blades for any charge, or it is possible to sharpen the blade oneself.

5. Clean the Deck

Your mower’s underside, or “deck,” can turn into clogged with grass and debris that could interfere with its capability to function and cause corrosion. A dirty mower deck can even turn out to be a vector to spread plant illnesses about your home. Clean your mower’s deck each spring and midseason to head these troubles off in the past.

Very first, disconnect the spark plug wire for safety. Empty the gas tank, and turn your mower onto its side. Spray the underside completely using a garden hose. Use a brush and soapy water to remove any other dirt and debris. When the location is dry, coat the underside of one's mower using a thin layer of vegetable oil to stop debris from sticking to it.

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