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Cutworms In Your Lawn

Cutworms can be a very similar problem to Army Worm, both are caterpillars of a moth, which feed on our lawns leaf, and both leave a trail of destruction that can be devastating for the homeowner or lawn lover. Following the same familiar pattern, Cutworms only feed during the night and burrow under the lawns surface and into the soil during the day. Cutworms are so named because they cut the blade of the grass, often at its base, during the feeding process, leaving a trail of cut grass in its wake, acting like mini lawnmowers.
Cutworms In Your Lawn

Turf Grasses Affected

All lawn types can be affected by Cutworm.


Cutworms can be identified by having a hairless smooth black/brown color, and by the type of damage, they can cause which is very unique, in cutting off stalks of grass. They are most commonly a problem in the Spring.

The moths of the cutworm can often be seen flying at night, and have a gray or blackish color.


Killing cutworms involves the application of a suitable insecticide that can be purchased at your local gardening store and applied at the manufacturer's recommendations.