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How to Control Red Thread Disease In Lawn

Red Thread

Red Thread is a disease that is most recognizable by it's red or pinkish threads which resemble a spider web fusing the leaf blades of the turf together. This same way the disease presents itself is also how it gets its name. Red Thread and also Pink Thread bear a remarkable resemblance to each other but are two separate diseases.
How to Control Red Thread Disease In Lawn

Red Thread is most evident in the moderate temperatures of the Spring and the Fall when weather is often most suitable for the disease to flourish, which includes wetter weather and cooler temperatures.

Turf Grasses Affected

Red Thread and Pink Thread will infect Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fescues.


Red Thread and Pink Thread is identified by it's pink or red web-like threads which fuse the leaves of the turf together and is most evident and recognizable in Spring and Fall.


treating Red Thread and Pink Thread diseases in turfgrass is easily achieved with an application of a suitable fungicide that can be purchased from your local gardening store.


Like all lawn diseases, the best form of prevention is good management practices such as watering in the morning, watering less often and more deeply, regular fertilizing, de-thatching when necessary, and regular aerating.