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Lawn Mowing As Weed Control

Reducing The Severity Of Weeds

The first time many people begin thinking about weeds in the lawn is usually when the weeds are already there, and most often when they are fully established, in abundance and a real eyesore. But if we begin to think a little differently, then there are ways to reduce the severity of weeds before they establish themselves in the first place.
Lawn Mowing As Weed Control

Make no mistake, there's nothing we can do to fully stop all weed infestations, by their very nature - weeds travel and establish very easily, and even more easily in environments which have adequate water and nutrients, which makes our well cared for lawns such an inviting place to for weeds to establish themselves.

Lawn Mowing As Weed Control

Weeds can spread and reproduce themselves in many ways, we can never fully stop weeds from traveling into our yards, but we can slow their reproduction in a few ways, one of which is lawn mowing.

Many weed types reproduce themselves solely through seed, as the weed plant matures it sends out a stalk with new weed seeds attached at the top.

Mowing regularly will remove these weed seeds in the lawn mowing process, cutting and removing the seeds and stalks along with the grass clippings. The most important aspect of using this method is to mow regularly enough that the weed seeds never get a chance to mature. Once this happens, many seeds can simply be released by the mowing and float away to spread themselves again somewhere close by. If other weed seeds are left to mature, they will simply fall to the ground and also will not be picked up by the lawnmower.

So the key point is to discover the right lawn mowing frequency to always keep ahead of new seed heads maturing. this will be different throughout the seasons, for different lawn types, and for different weed types.

Not All Weeds Can Be Controlled

Not all weed types can be controlled using the regular lawn mowing method, while this method can control those weeds which send out seed stalks, many other weeds spread through other methods. Sometimes the seeds themselves can grow below lawn mowing height, so mowing will have no effect in seed removal. Other weeds can keep reproducing using underground methods such as using bulbs or underground runners called Rhizomes, understandably - lawn mowing has no effect on these weed types, and other control methods will need to be used.

Lawn Mowing In Lawn Care

Lawn mowing should never be underestimated in overall lawn care practices, it is vitally important to help thicken up lawns, keep lawns healthy, and to reduce weed infestations. So as long as good lawn mowing practices become a normal part of our lawn care routines, we'll always have a lot less to worry about with other problems like weeds.


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