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Securely Lowering Lawn Mowing Heights

Lowering Lawn Mowing Heights

How To Decrease Lawn Mowing Heights

Whether or not we have just moved into a new residence and wish to provide a neglected lawn back to life, or maybe received way too active for quite a while and need to tame the lawn once again, there are a few lawn tips which will greatly help in avoiding causing damage towards the lawn whilst lowering mowing heights back into a level that appears much more like the turf we would like for our homes.

Don't Kill The Lawn With Lawn Mowing

As lawns are left for for a longer time periods of time among lawn mowings, it is easy to see the grass carries on to get lengthier. A deeper search into the lawn reveals that whilst the grass does get longer, the thatch layer also increases in thickness, and also the life supporting crowns on the lawn also increase higher.

This leaves two problems when decreasing lawn mowing heights, to start with when mowing to the thatch layer, the top outcome will be a brown scalped lawn which can be rather hideous, and may get some time to mend.

There'll even be the danger of cutting off the life supporting crowns from the lawn, which have risen higher on account of the lack of mowing and for a longer time grass, so mowing back into a height of the pair of centimetres might in fact kill the lawn in some areas at best, or kill the complete lawn at worst.

Progressively Decrease Lawn Mowing Heights

To solve the two these issues and bring the height of the lawn back to an acceptable amount, it truly is most critical to scale back mowing heights progressively. This allows the lawn to re-learn and adapt alone to grow at a lower height once again.

Beginning with the very first mowing, cut the lawn really high, taking away sufficient in order that the lawn leaf remains green following mowing - if what this means is cutting the lawn at 10 cm, then do this.

Regular lawn mowing is currently crucial, weekly or 2 weekly is best. Continue cutting with the authentic height if required, or slightly lower the cutting height only a little. This gradual lowering of heights should continue more than another few of months, slowly and gradually and sooner or later reaching the ideal mowing height we are trying to realize.

If at any time the lawn begins looking brown following mowing, then follow up the subsequent 7 days by mowing at the identical height once again, and keep at that same height till the lawn stays green following mowing - the next mowing can then be reduced in height once more.

Finishing The Lawn Repair

It may all sound complicated, however it actually is very straightforward, it is just mowing often although safely and securely and slowly decreasing lawn mowing heights.

Whilst decreasing mowing heights to make our lawns beautiful once more, it is usually a great time to boost our lawns health with the identical time. Verify watering times and sprinklers right away - it really is also a good time to add some Wetting Agents for the soil.

A superb fertilising routine must also commence following the first mowing, to not boost growth prices, but to deliver nutrients and health for the lawn at a time of stress. Making use of fertiliser at 50 percent advisable charges every single six weeks till the mend is comprehensive is generally the best for the lawn for the duration of repairs.


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