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Best Zoysia Grass Fertilizer

Zoysia grass lawn will need a moderate amount of fertilizer during the growing season. The object is to supply adequate nutrients for healthy growth as well as a rich green colour, but not a lot as to encourage excessively dense growth that's difficult to mow and promotes thatch. If you apply zoysia grass fertilizer more than the suggested amount, your lawn will not be any darker green, it will only grow faster and also you may have to mow a lot more typically. The most efficient method to fertilize zoysia grass is always to use the dry, granular fertilizers which might be normally sold in 10-50 pound bags. Hose finish liquid fertilizers work, however they are difficult to use appropriately and also you will need to fertilize twice as frequently as with granular fertilizer. See also -- Best Liquid Lawn Aerator Reviews
Best Zoysia Grass Fertilizer

Best Zoysia Grass Fertilizer

1. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food Fertilizer

Scotts Green Max fertilizer is designed for use in certain grass growth and plantation situations. The dual-action mix provides enough nutrients to grasses like Zoysia. A single pack of lawn food can cover an area of up to 10,000 square feet. However, if applied in the correct direction, it will not discolor the concrete, sideways, or other surfaces.

Shop: Scotts Green Max Lawn Food Fertilizer

2. The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic

PGF, or professional-grade fertilizer, is a great addition to Zoysia grass landscape. It has a 16-4-8 (4-1-2) NPK ratio and Humic DG for pH balance and delayed nutrient release. You can choose between 18-pound and 40-pound packs. Grass will be fed for up to 8 weeks after you apply the product.

Shop: The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic

3. Advanced Balanced NPK – Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer

Simple Lawn Solutions On dry and brown sections of Zoysia grass, 32 oz. liquid fertilizer is extremely effective. It contains a good blend of essential macronutrients as well as full feeding assistance. It also allows turfgrass to turn from green to greener. The company's proprietor has over 25 years of experience in the pro turf industry.

Shop: Advanced Balanced NPK – Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer

4. Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Milorganite 0636 nitrogen fertilizer is a high-quality organic fertilizer that contains no potassium. It is high in nitrogen, phosphate, and iron, as well as other nutrients necessary for grass development. It has a 6-4-0 NPK ratio, which is ideal for feeding grasses. A 36-pound bag of fertilizer can cover an area of up to 2500 square feet.

Shop: Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

5. GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer

GreenView Fairway is a well-known lawn fertilizer brand. If you reside in a cold climate where grasses become dormant quickly, this turf fertilizer is ideal for your lawn. The high nitrogen content provides the necessary root feeding. It features a 63 percent slow-release composition that allows nutrients to flow for up to 12 weeks (almost 3 months).

Shop: GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer

When and how do you fertilize your Zoysia grass lawn?

In the winter, zoysia grass stays dormant. During this time, you may notice brown, yellow, or dry spots, so apply fertilizer before spring arrives. Use 16-4-8 NPK fertilizer from March to May and June to August. From September through November, avoid using nitrogen. However, at this time, use 1 pound of potassium per 1000 square feet.

Does zoysia grass need to be fertilized?

Zoysia grass can handle very hot weather in the summer. It may also survive in drought conditions, but the grass color fades. Zoysia grass fertilizer is required to promote appropriate growth and root development. It makes the grass shine and the turf green even in bad weather. Soil alone can not nourish grass. Fertilizers, on the other hand, provide the required nutrients. As a result, fertilizer is required for this grass.

Can you over-fertilize Zoysia?

Overfertilization of Zoysia grass restricts growth and weakens roots. In some instances, you may need to keep mowing the lawn. It also promotes thatch buildup. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass

Follow the steps below to develop a healthy Zoysia grass with fertilizer:

Soil Test

Before applying fertilizer to the Zoysia lawn, it is necessary to mow it and test the soil. Testing the soil reveals which nutrients, such as nitrogen, are most needed. It also keeps you from overfertilizing.

Fertilizer Quantity

We do not recommend self-applying fertilizers. You should follow the product's manufacturer's directions. The package clearly states the application method, quantity, and frequency. If you don't see them, you can use the trial and error method after the soil test.

NPK Ratio

Most grass and plant fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen strengthens and nourishes roots. Other elements support grass growth. Other organic substances (NPK) may be present in some units.


Organic fertilizers stink up the soil and make the grass greener. But they have more power and a longer feeding time. Artificial compounds in fertilizers may shorten grass' life cycle. They can also make the soil too salty for Zoysia. Soil microorganisms may become scarce. So choose organic lawn fertilizers.

Final Verdict

We have tried numerous fertilizers for Zoysia grass. The chosen products help your lawn grow. You may get them cheaply and efficiently based on the NPK ratio. These fertilizers operate the same in Texas as they do anywhere else.

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