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How To Aerating Zoysia Grass

Aerating Zoysia Grass

The best time to aerate zoysiagrass is in the early summertime when the grass is expanding quickly. On really compacted soils, aerating twice a year wouldn't be out in the query. Apply fertilizer and water right after zoysia grass aeration so the turf recovers quickly.

Aerating Zoysia Grass
Aeration may be the procedure of mechanically poking a large number of holes inside the soil. This permits water, oxygen, and nutrients to greater penetrate the roots of the grass. Motorized aerator machines could be rented from hardware or tool rental shops.

How to Aerate Zoysia Lawn

Annual aeration will help your zoysiagrass lawn battle the ability to produce dense layers of thatch. You'll need to borrow a central aerator from a garden supplies store to aerate. Run the aerator back and forth over the lawn in one direction, then repeat at a 90o angle in the other. Mind overseeding zoysia grass seeds to promote new growth and regeneration. The soil plugs can appear unsightly to you, don't remove them! They're what's going to crack down the sheet of thatch. If there's a gap, you should gently rake over your lawn to break up the soil plugs.

When To Aerate Zoysia

The best time to aerate zoysia lawn is just prior to the grass starts to develop quickly. Fescue grass tends to make the majority of its product development in fall, so September and October are prime months to aerate fescue lawns. Bermuda, zoysiagrass, and centipedegrass lawns are best to aerate in late April - just as they've completed green-up, prepared for vigorous development.

Which Aerator?

Dr. Robert Carrow, University of Georgia turf specialist, compared the impact of aerating zoysia using a “core” aerator versus a “spike” aerator. The hollow tines (occasionally named “spoons”) of a core aerator plunge into the ground and pull up a big plug of earth. Spike aerators insert narrow, strong rods into the earth. He located that the core aerator enhanced deep rooting and water extraction by 25 %. The spike aerator showed no effects on grass well being.

Thatch Removal

Moreover, towards the deeper roots, the plugs of soil which are deposited on leading from the ground assist decompose thatch - without the danger of turf harm that energy dethatchers pose. If you're performing a light fall overseeding on a fescue lawn, the holes left by the aerator make an ideal location for the seeds to fall into and germinate. Fertilizer also penetrates much more deeply and assists a lawn recovery and appears its best following aerating zoysia!

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