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Best Lawn Mower For Zoysia Grass

When compared with cool-season grasses, Zoysia grass is tougher to cut. In the event the blades from the lawn mower are dull, they would tear and fray the guidelines in the grass as opposed to cutting them, resulting your lawn to appear tan or brownish.

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Additionally, they have a tendency to make use of far more work to help keep your lawn effectively trimmed. As a result, the blade of your lawn mower ought to be often sharp. Even you possess a effective mower, it couldn't give your Zoysia grass a clean cut basically due to the fact the blades aren't sharp.

Best Lawn Mower For Zoysia Grass

For Zoysia grass, you need to use reel mowers with a number of blades on account of its scissor-like method of cutting. When pushed along, the manual mowers will snip the grass, leaving behind a well-manicured lawn.

Can You Mow Zoysia Grass Having a Rotary Mower?

Zoysia grass (Zoysia spp.) is actually a typical selection for lawns since of its colour and texture. The grass can manage heat, salt and heavy foot visitors, and is hardy to U.S. Division of Agriculture plant hardiness zones five by way of ten. But, regardless of its robust and versatile nature, the grass could be tough to keep having a rotary mower unless you revise the way you mow.

Pick the proper Cultivar

It is the toughness in the stems and leaves which might be difficult on a rotary mower. You can overcome this by picking a cultivar with softer leaves including “Empire” or “El Toro.” The cultivar “El Toro” produces much less thatch and features a softer leaf, producing it much more tolerant to mowing having a rotary mower. With its broader leaves, the dark-green, disease-resistant “Empire” handles rotary mowing properly. It is also pleasant to stroll on due to the softness in the leaves.

Mower Tuned, Blade Sharp

Some mowers just usually do not have sufficient horsepower to cut zoysia grass and just beat it down, but even effective mowers can fail in the event the blade just isn't sharp. The ragged ends left by a dull blade will trigger the lawn to turn yellow. With zoysia grass, it is a superb concept to utilize a two-blade technique. Hold a second sharp blade on hand, and switch out the blades every single six to eight cuttings.

Maintain it Level, Quick

Zoysia grass creates its carpet-like look when it really is maintained at a brief height, typically 1 inch or much less. When the lawn is uneven, this presents an issue for rotary mowers due to the fact the mower might scalp the grass. If your lawn is uneven, have it rolled or raise the cutting blade height to 1 or two inches. To prevent overloading the mower engine, in no way cut greater than one-third from the height from the grass. When the grass is tall, as an alternative of mowing it quick in one particular pass cut a third off the height, wait a number of days and mow once more.


Reel mowers are advised for zoysia grass due to the fact of their scissor-like method of cutting. But provided that you cut your lawn regularly, a rotary mower can function. Ensure the grass is dry when you mow to prevent clumps, which can bring about fungus and illness. If you mow frequently (see also lawn mowing frequency), do not bag the clippings so they're able to feed the grass. Clippings also minimize the volume of water necessary to maintain the grass green and healthful.


  • If you mow your Zoysia lawn often, you need to not bag the clippings. Alternatively, return them to your grass because mulching can fertilize the soil and reduce the level of water required to help keep your yard green and healthful.
  • The benefit of employing a reel mower on Zoysia rather of a rotary one particular is the fact that it prevents clipping clumps and stops prospective scalping.

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