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Cost of Zoysia | Cost Per Pallet And Comparison

If you live in a warm climate and looking for low maintenance grass, zoysia sod is your answer. Its vigorous and rapid growth and can tolerate heat make it an ideal choice. Obviously, those benefits usually do not come without a price. Here is the average cost of zoysia sod before you install it.

Cost of Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod has many benefits, but those don't come without a cost. As you can see below, your cost of zoysia sod will depend on the quality of sod you purchase. Note that one pallet of sod covers among 400sf and 500sf of land.
Grade Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Cost Per Pallet
Basic $0.35/sf $0.45/sf $169
Mid-Grade $0.42/sf $0.50/sf $270
High Quality $0.45/sf $0.59/sf $430
Zoysia Sod Cost

Zoysia Sod Cost Comparison

Lots of homeowners are installing sod as opposed to grass to cut down on upkeep and ongoing costs. Luckily, you'll find several types of sod to choose from with their own pros and cons. Nevertheless, as most remodeling projects do, the choice will largely depend on price. Luckily, we've got researched the average cost of zoysia sod below:
Sod Minimum Price Maximum Price
St. Augustine Sod $0.20/sf $0.50/sf
Fescue Sod $0.33/sf $0.66/sf
Bermuda Sod $0.35/sf $0.75/sf
Zoysia Sod $0.35/sf $0.59/sf

Zoysia Sod Price Factor

Your zoysia sod price will cost between $0.35/sf and $0.59.sf, but you can find always particular cost factors that can alter the price. Keep all in mind as you determine the right type of sod for your landscaping project.
  • Grade: As you saw above, there are different grades of zoysia sod, all coming in at different price points. Basic zoysia sod costs less, but it won't last as long as high-quality sod.
  • Location: Always buy sod locally. There’s always a delivery cost in the event you buy zoysia sod from across the country.
  • Yard Size: The bigger the yard, the more sod you need.
  • Sod Manufacturer: Heading over to your neighborhood Home Depot could be hassle-free, but retail prices are not always the best in town. Always search for zoysia sod wholesalers near you. Their cost of zoysia sod should be lower.
  • DIY or Hire A Pro: The zoysia sod price above is for supplies only. Of course, you have to consider the cost to install zoysia sod as well. You can install zoysia sod yourself, in which case, your only installation cost is your time. In case you hire a regional landscaper, all in, the average price of zoysia sod installation cost (with supplies) is $1,660.
  • Yard Design and style: Ideal squares or rectangles make it easy to lay sod. Yards with odd shapes or designs call for much more finesse. Complex yard designs will raise the cost of zoysia sod project.

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