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Can I Turn My Lawnmower Into a Mulching Mower?

Can I Turn My Lawnmower Into a Mulching Mower
Lawnmowers perform to give you a wonderful searching lawn by cutting your grass to a uniform length, but all that reduce grass has to go someplace. Side-discharge mowers enable the grass clippings to shoot out the side but can leave unsightly piles of clippings. Bagging your grass clippings can be inconvenient simply because you have to cease mowing to empty the bag. Mulching mowers chop the grass clippings fine and insert them back into the lawn. You can convert numerous side-discharge and bag mowers into mulching mowers.


Grasscycling is the method of permitting the grass clippings that outcome from mowing your lawn to stay on your lawn exactly where they can decompose naturally. Grass clippings break down speedily, returning nutrients back into the soil. This approach of grasscycling aids minimizes your want to water and fertilize your lawn. It can also aid decrease the quantity of material added to strong waste dumps.

Mulching vs. Side-Discharge

Grass clippings created by traditional side-discharge mowers are usually bigger in size than those made by mulching mowers. Clippings from a side-discharge mower have a tendency to accumulate in rows or patches. Whilst this may possibly be unattractive, it does not generally harm your lawn. Mulching mowers chop the grass clippings into a lot finer pieces, permitting them to settle into the grass without the clumps. The finer reduce also aids the clippings to decompose a lot more swiftly.


Numerous side-discharge and bag lawnmowers can be converted into mulching mowers by installing a mulching conversion kit. Mulching conversion kits usually consist of a mulching blade and a restriction plate, which prevents the grass clippings from becoming discharged by way of the side or rear chute. Mulching kits are not universal and have to normally be bought for your certain make and model of lawn mower. The Troy Bilt internet site recommends only installing a mulching kit on lawnmowers that have at least a 4-horsepower engine.

Can you put a mulching blade on any mower?

Yes, practically any mower can have a mulching blade. To install a mulching blade on a mower, the blade must actually fit on the deck. Due to poor deck design or a weak engine, not all mulching mowers will mulch well.


Mulching may possibly not be proper for all conditions. Grass that is exceptionally tall may possibly lead to mulching systems to bog down. Early spring grasses have a tendency to have greater levels of moisture content material, which can develop a messy residue if mulched. The Irrigation & Green Industry internet site recommends cutting your grass with a traditional side-discharge or bag mower during the early part of the mowing season and converting to a mulching system after the first few mowings.

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