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Lawnmower Sputtering | How to Fix It

Lawnmower cleaning is a vital aspect of getting the lawnmower working properly. Lawnmower sputtering is a common issue among owners. Lawn mower sputtering is a fast and simple repair that can be done on your own.

Many of the repair shops stop sputtering lawnmowers are cheap and part of the daily mower maintenance. You can repair many of the problems and troubleshoot them, but a handful is better left to the experts.
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Here is a common cause of lawn mower sputtering

Moisture in the Tank

When the water reaches the tank, it will not burn which will prevent the fuel from igniting properly. The water in the tank is created by condensation or a loose gas cap. Empty the tank and find a new batch of fuel.

Spark Plug

A broken or defective plug usually results in lawnmower sputters and dies, difficult to start. A bad spark plug is another problem that may cause the mower to run irregularly. Remove the spark plug and inspect the tip of the flames. Fix the plug if the porcelain casing is scratched or chipped.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are one of the most important causes for the lawn mower to sputter. Metal air filters will have to be removed. You should clean the foam air filters with a drop of the liquid soap dish and warm water. Since washing the air cleaner, drain the air and run the mower to air dry.

Carburetion Issues

The carburetor shall be responsible for combining the right proportions of fuel and air. If this combination is wrong, the lawn mower sputters and dies. Without previous practice, it can be difficult to clean or adjust the carburetor. You can repair, cleaning and replacement by yourself or call the professional to fix lawn mower sputtering problem.