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How to Fix Weed Eater won't start

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Trimming your lawn can be an easy task if you have the right equipment. With Weed Eater, you can use gas or electric string trimmers to cut close to poles and other things. Even a well-known brand of string trimmer can malfunction and fail to start. Instead of getting frustrated, inspect the trimmer for many common issues that can prevent it from working properly. Let's look at the most typical problems weed eater wont start and how to solve them.

Fuel Issues

A weed trimmer that won't start may have a fuel issue. First, make sure the trimmer's fuel tank has enough fuel to run it. The trimmer may not start if the fuel level is low. Start the trimmer. Fill the tank with water. If the fuel is old, it should be replaced with new. Make sure your Weed Eater trimmer has the right 2-cycle oil/gasoline mixture. The Weed Eater company recommends unleaded gasoline blended with 2-cycle oil at a 40:1 ratio.

Spark Plug Problems

If the Weed Eater trimmer won't start, it may have a dirty or damaged spark plug. Cleaning the spark plug with a wire brush to remove rust or dirt may restore the trimmer's functionality. If cleaning the spark plug doesn't work, simply remove the old spark plug and replace it. Replace the spark plug and the spark plug cover, then restart the trimmer.

Other Malfunctions

Trying to start a trimmer too many times can cause flooding. Set the trimmer's choke lever to "Run" and pull the cord to empty it. It may take numerous attempts to get the engine running. A clogged air filter can also make a trimmer idle. Examine the air filter for debris. Before re-starting the machine, clean and replace the air filter, if necessary. Clean or clogged fuel filters may prevent carburetor fuel filters from working. Before re-starting the trimmer, remove the old fuel filter and replace it.

Electrical Issues

The most common cause of an electric weed-eater trimmer not starting is the power source. Make sure an electric trimmer's extension cord is securely plugged into the machine and into an electrical outlet. A bad extension cord could be the issue. A simple solution is to replace the problematic extension cord with a working one. Also, make sure the trimmer's switch is "on." Testing the Weed Eater's electrical outlet's fuse or circuit breaker will help identify any power issues.