Drum Aerators

A drum aerator can assist your lawn care regimen. Lawn root systems require oxygen to prosper and to take in water and nutrients. Excess thatch, compact soil and bad drain decrease the size of the pores that make it possible for oxygen to reach the roots.

Grass is more most likely to extend its roots into thatch than soil. Compact soil and bad drain are likewise destructive to your lawn's health.

Drum aerators assist to loosen up compact soil and eliminates surplus thatch. Drum aeration promotes energetic root development and a thicker healthier lawn.

Spiked Drum Aerator or Core Drum Aerator?

manual drum Aerator
manual drum Aerator
2 approaches of soil aeration are core and spike. A core aerator, or hollow tine aerator, utilizes sharp, spoon-shaped branches or hollow branches to mechanically pierce holes into the soil.

Core aerators leave plugs of soil on your lawn that assists break down the thatch. You can await the plugs to dry then cut to break them apart or simply enable the aspects to work them back into your lawn. Due to the fact that the plugs loosens and fills in low areas, making use of a core aerator when or two times a year assists to level your soil.

Handbook core aerators or hollow tine aerators are spot-treating or perfect problem areas in between or following mechanical aeration. Gas powered aerators mechanically drive coring branches in and out of the soil and are readily available in stand on or stroll behind designs.

Spike aeration is an easier and more economical method to aerate the soil, however it mishandles and the advantages are brief. The soil is displaced, however it is not gotten rid of. Rain and foot traffic ultimately triggers the displaced soil to fill up the holes.

A spike aerator makes use of metal spikes or strong branches to jab holes into your soil. The measurements of these holes are less than 1 inch deep and 1/4 inch large. Typical spike aerators consist of surged hand devices, spiked shoes, surged cutting wheels, push surged aerators, surged rolling drums and tow spike aerators.

Drum Aerator vs. Manual Aerators?

A spiked hand tool is a labor-intensive and time consuming method to aerate your lawn. The tool includes a deal with and 2 or 3 branches on a crossbar. You may accomplish the depth that you desire if you utilize sufficient force, however the soil will ultimately fill up the holes.

Spiked shoes or lawn aerator shoes are strap-on shoes with 2 inch spikes connected to the soles. They jab thin holes into your lawn as you stroll. They are ineffective soil aerators, however can assist combat the soil compaction that takes place as you stroll on your lawn.

A spiked mowing wheel is a specifically created lawn mower wheel with spikes. It jabs holes into your soil as you cut your lawn.

A push surged aerator is a gadget that appears like a push lawnmower. A push surged aerator is more effective than a spiked hand tool, however it less reliable than core aerators.

A spiked rolling drum is offered as a strong metal drum or as a empty cylinder that you full of water or sand. Like other spike aerators, the holes fill up rapidly.

A tow spike aerator is a gadget that you connect behind a tractor or lawnmower and pull throughout your lawn. It's excellent for navigating and covering huge locations over bumps, rocks and irregular surface areas, however the holes fill up faster than holes used core aeration.

Core aerators make much deeper holes than spike aerators. Core aerators are a more reliable and reliable method to secure the health and charm of your lawn.


Lawn aeration is among the crucial jobs that frequently gets forgotten as part of a lawn care regimen. Little yards can be handled by a manual hollow tine aerator or lawn aeration shoes with the bigger lawn requiring a tow-behind aerator. A drum aerator is perfect for assisting to enhance your medium sized lawn and is simple to get and purchase provided today.

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