Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator

Hollow-tine aeration is the most effective way of relieving lawn compaction and thatch, by punching thousands of cores from the lawn. The operation thins out thatch from the surface of the lawn, whilst at the same time relieving soil compaction within the root zone.

hollow tine lawn aerator
Hollow tining or coring is the removal of cores from the lawn and is a very good way to aerate AND relieve compaction. It will also improve drying which is beneficial in the autumn particularly if you have a moss problem but not so good in the spring as the sun gets stronger!

The Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator is ideal for small lawns or for problem areas in larger lawns. A hollow tine lawn aerator will improve the aeration, drainage and condition of your lawn. Ideal for Autumn and Winter lawn aerating with automatic soil core injection. For best results, fill holes with lawn sand. Extra strong welded tines set in bottom bar for extra strength in use. 

For top quality and heavy use lawns core aerate with hollow tines every year in the autumn. For other lawns every two to three years would be fine.

Coring equipment for lawns revolves primarily around two types of aerator. There is the hand held hollow tine fork which is a bit like a garden fork but with hollow tubes rather than spikes.

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