How To Make A Homemade Lawn Aerator

- August 21, 2020
Over time, even a lawn that is always well cared for will become dense and water-resistant and need aeration. Stack buildup will reduce the amount of air, water, and nutrients to the roots. But do you know that lawn aerator is not cheap, even if you rent it. So, If you have limited budget, then it's a good idea to start diy project and make your homemade lawn aerator by yourself.

how to make a homemade aerator

Homemade Lawn Aerator Using a Garden Rake

You can make homemade aerator using old garden rake and some masonry nails. This is a cheapest and easiest way to aerate your lawn.

The nice thing with this manual aerator is that either foot may be used. The long handle of the rake makes it easy to pull out the spikes after pushing it down with the foot.
Homemade Lawn Aerator Using a Garden Rake
image from https://www.practicalgardening.blackdovenest.com/

Diy Long-Handled Plug Aerator

An DIY aerator with long handles enables you to aerate by standing and stepping around the aerator to push it into the ground. You are going to require two hollow, plastic tubes, for the legs in the aerator, two smaller sized pieces of piping from two to four inches long for the punching holes, a cross piece of piping in the prime to hold on to plus a pipe about three inches in the bottom that you simply will step on. Attach crosspieces for the longer pieces with separate pipe fittings.

One Plug at a Time

Sturdy garden weeders or trowels with narrow, tubular heads also perform as a grass aerators in case you are prepared to aerate your lawn one plug at a time. Just push the tool into the soil and rotate it to type a plug, then pry the plug out in the lawn. Or, to pull up a plug without needing to pry it in the hole, push a piece of hollow plastic piping into the ground and push the plug out by hand.

Diy Manual Lawn Rolling Aerator

This DIY lawn rolling aerator requires just pushing and pulling. Because it comes with small wheels, it is easy to maneuver. You simply have to push it like you would with a cart. The spikes will burrow deep holes onto the ground.
DIY lawn rolling aerator
image from diyprojects.ideas2live4.com

Good aeration principles to follow

Your DIY lawn aerator requirements to attain from two to four inches deep into the lawn, using the diameter of every plug about 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide. Spike aerators that just make a narrow hole within the lawn are ineffective aerators. Most lawns advantage from yearly aeration carried out when your lawn starts its season of active development. Leave the plugs around the grass exactly where they'll decompose back into the lawn inside two to 4 weeks.


When the soil underneath your grass is damp, but not overly wet, you are going to locate it less complicated to push either a long-handled aerator or possibly a single-plug aerator into the soil. Wait till the soil is damp soon after a couple of rainy days, with one particular or two days for the lawn to dry out slightly. Or, water the lawn for two or 3 days just before aerating, till the water penetrates down at the very least 1 inch.

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