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Solid or Hollow Tine?

Solid or Hollow Tine

Lawn aeration

You realize that soil compaction in your lawn is undesirable, but do you know which tool to attain to repair the issue and aerate the soil? Let’s evaluation the variations among the solid-pronged garden fork and hollow tines aerator, the best way to use every single, and their personal positive aspects.

About Solid Tines

A solid-pronged fork aids increase airflow and rain percolation all through your landscape. Solid tines are metal spikes that you punch into the surface of your lawn. They're able to be as much as six inches deep, often far more. To use it, go more than your lawn cautiously using the fork. Push the tines down and wiggle the fork a little to widen the holes. Continue this method every single 4 inches or so, stabbing and wiggling your way across the lawn.

When to Use Solid Tines

The solid-tine fork is absolutely the simplest approach to relieve minor compaction troubles and refresh a tired lawn. It is ideal for lawns with only minor soil compaction or that require a short-term added enhance in the course of the hot climate. But solid-tine aeration will not get rid of any soil. The holes you produce will just naturally squeeze back collectively within a matter of days. Also, in the event the soil in your lawn is wealthy in clay, or specifically wet, your function could do a lot more harm than very good, sealing up the useful air and water channels towards the roots.

About Hollow Tines

With hollow tines, you drive specially developed metal tubes into the surface of your lawn, automatically extracting a plug of turf and soil. You can use a manual fork or even a walk-behind mechanical aerator that simplifies the job of lifting out the plugs. Typically the holes created using a hollow-tine aerator aren't as deep as solid-tine aeration holes.

When to Use Hollow Tines

The key advantage of physically removing a core of soil is the fact that it creates lasting additional space inside the remaining soil. The holes can keep open for a lot of weeks soon after the therapy, permitting the roots to genuinely develop and flourish, permitting the lawn to thicken and increase tremendously.

Hollow-tine aeration is actually a very good decision for any lawn. It is successful on lawns that endure heavier compaction and critical put on and tear.

The only difficulty using the hollow tines would be the tiny plugs of soil that they generate all more than your lawn. You must do one thing with them to ensure that they do not clog your mower or hasten the spread of weeds across the surface of your lawn. For any modest region, you can very easily eliminate them and add them to your compost pile. For any bigger location, you could be greater off consulting using a lawn care organization to dispose of them for you.