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WORX WG788 19-Inch Cordless Small Lawn Mower

Are you searching for a small lawn mower that will do a superb job of mowing your lawn irrespective of its size? If you answer yes to the above question, then the WG788 19 inch 36 volt Small Cordless lawn mower manufactured and designed by WORX is what you are obviously in need of! Looking at this mowing machine, the very first impression it had on me was its sleek, stylish and sporty design.
WORX WG788 19-Inch Cordless Small Lawn Mower

WORX WG788 19-Inch Review

The WG788 Mower has an adjustable mowing height of 1.5 to 3.5 inches with a 19 inch cutting width. The cutting height adjustment is done by simply turning the lever in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction. The built in intellect technology delivers extra power for cutting through tough grasses. When you come across tall and tick grass when mowing, you only have to turn the dial to power option in order to activate the intellicut function.

The rechargeable 36 volt battery it comes with has an excellent discharge time after a full charge of about one hour which is equivalent to mowing an 18,500 square feet lawn. The battery is easy to mount and dismount from the mower.

Since the mower uses a 36 volt battery as its power source, it is obvious that the WORX WG788 is a cordless lawn mower. As such, accords the user the freedom of not always being on watch to maneuver the power cord from getting in the way of the mower as common with electric start lawn mowers. The special mulching blade it comes with does an exceptional job of chopping off clippings than the standard blades readily available in most lawn mowing machines.

Storing it takes up less space as the handle can be folded downward making it smaller and compact for easy storage in the garage.


  • Not Noisy
  • No maneuvering of cord
  • No buying of gas. This also implies no gaseous during and after lawn mowing
  • Special mulching blade
  • Small, compact and sporty deign


  • May take longer time to mow due to its narrow deck.
  • May not be suitable for wet grasses. As such, this may not be a good option for those in the humid region.
  • Given its small tires and deck, for those with hilly and uneven lawn, maneuvering it can be a bit tricky. Might need a bit practicing to get used to.

In conclusion, this small lawn mower delivers the much needed power for mowing your lawn irrespective of its size. However, for those with wet, hilly and uneven lawns, you might want to give it a second thought before deciding to go for it.

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